A Revolution in the Mikveh World

Mikveh Malchut is a revolutionary Mikveh, made out of strong plastic that is especially well suited for fast and easy construction. Mikveh Malchut is economical in its maintenance and heating and easy to maintain halakhically.

Establishing a possible leakage can easily be determined after cleaning up the surfaces, which should all be clear: without seams, mosaics, etc…

Only Mikveh Malchut can give you a seven year leakage free guarantee! Leakage repair within three business days only.

The erection of the modular Mikveh Malchut at the customer’s house takes all of one day. This Mikveh is excellent for use in private homes,

small communities and hotels. The construction and installation is always accompanied by an expert rabbi who specializes in Mikvehs.

For more details please call now at 050.3828406