Modular Mikveh for quick construction

No need of heavy infrastructure, long preparation or construction complicated by many professionals. Thanks to the

revolutionary planning of the modular Mikveh Malchut, the whole building and construction process is simple and extremely fast and carries many benefits:

  • No more digging
  • Short construction period at the customer’s house – one day’s work
  • Construction costs are much lower in relation to the current way in which Mikvehs are built
  • Maintenance costs are cheaper by more than half (construction materials are insulated, and water heating isn’t lost to heat the ground)
  • Mikveh parts production is quite short and involves a few days only
  • Mikveh cleaning is quick and easy:
  • By using a simple leather fabric cloth (there is no problem of water accumulating between the tiles, such as Mikvehs which have a mosaic wall)
  • Immediate detection of leakage or water seepage; repair check within only three business days
  • It’s possible to construct the Mikveh at home, in an apartment, yard, small communities, hospitals, military bases and even jails.