Mikveh Malchut Advantages

There are numerous benefits to our Mikveh Malchut which resolve the problems and disadvantages linked to traditional Mikvehs.

The biggest gain of our modular Mikveh Malchut is that at the end of the day the floor around the Mikveh is simply wiped and there is no need to check it for leakage. In the morning, prior to entering, one is able to self examine any possible water loss

In case of leakage, our installer will arrive within 3 business days and your Mikveh will be ready for use within 24 hours.

Among the many other advantages of Mikveh Malchut you will find the following:

  • Available to check for leakage on a daily basis rather than every 6 months
  • Short construction time for the customer – a few day’s work
  • Deluxe Design
  • Construction costs are very low in relation to current, traditional construction
  • Low maintenance costs by more than half (insulated construction materials, and water heating, which – in a traditional Mikveh – is lost by heating the ground)
  • No more digging
  • Mikveh parts production time involves a number of days only
  • Mikveh cleaning is simple and easy – a soft cloth rag will do (no more water accumulation between the mosaic tiles)
  • Our Mikveh can be built in private homes, small communities, hospitals, military bases – almost in any given space