Installing a Mikveh Malchut

A team of installers will arrive at the construction site, accompanied by a rabbi, who is a Mikveh expert (the rabbi shall sign a certificate stating he was present and supervised the construction process and everything is done according to halakhic requirements). Our staff comes with panels (separate from each other), made of processed and polished polypropylene.

Initially the base is attached to the ground in such a manner which prevents the possibility of dismantling or moving the Mikveh elsewhere – any effort to do so would break the Mikveh into parts as it has no reinforcement which allows it to be transferred.. Then, the walls and partitions and the rest of the Mikveh is assembled.

The Mikveh can be placed on the floor. The entry and exit is done via a ladder that is placed on both sides of the mantle. It is also possible to place it into the ground and to enter and exit the Mikveh via stairs.

The Mikveh can be custom built:

– One rainwater holding partition and one dipping zone
– Two rainwater holding partitions and one dipping zone
– A double base. Rainwater is collected at the bottom and in the area above the immersion (Chabad method)

An additional usage of this construction is for a dish Mikveh that can be attainable to the public in neighborhoods and shops. The obvious difference is the Mikveh’s size and an additional placement of “shelves” for the dishes.